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2014 Technique Prize to Komatsu and Topcon


New technique moves the business forward and makes everyday life easier for drivers and machine owners. The Maskinentreprenören Technique Prize is presented yearly to put focus on the importance of innovation and product development. The winner 2014 is Komatsu and Topcon for the intelligent machine control for excavators, which means the machine to a great extent automatically follows the blueprint, which saves booth time and material.

” In times when it is difficult to get qualified machine drivers, a system that makes an unexperienced driver good and an experienced driver more effective, is a considerable technical step forward. Through measuring the position of the cylinders instead of using external sensors, Komatsu and Topcon has achieved a system that is more exact at the same time as the equipment is better protected. The whole system is easy to use and uncomplicated, which is paramount if it is going to be used”.

- In Sweden and in Scandinavia machine control is important, and the machine operators are of a high level and they demand a lot from their machines and equipment.  For that reason it is nice to get recognition from Sweden, says Dirk Legrand, head of marketing at Komatsu Europe.

The Technique Prize is given to the best product that has been presented in Maskinentreprenören magazine during the year. Beside the winners Komatsu and Topcon, we also award honourable mentions to the other four products that reached the final round:

Trelleborg –
massive tire
Swecon – diesel theft protection
Caterpillar – Cat Connect
Topcon – 3D-positioning

For more information:
Lars-Olof Tandberg, technical editor, Maskinentreprenören, tfn: +46 (0)8-762 70 79
Micael Appelgren, chief editor, Maskinentreprenören, tfn: +46 (0)8-762 70 71

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Anders Robertsson
Anders Robertsson